Choke Point Based Benchmark Design


The Linked Data Benchmark Council (LDBC) mission is to design and maintain benchmarks for graph data management systems, and establish and enforce standards in running these benchmarks, and publish and arbitrate around the official benchmark results. The council and its website just launched, and in its first 1.5 year of existence, most effort at LDBC has gone into investigating the needs of the field through interaction …

The Linked Data Benchmark Council (LDBC) is reaching a milestone today, June 23 2014, in announcing that two of the benchmarks that it has been developing since 1.5 years have now reached the status of Public Draft. This concerns the Semantic Publishing Benchmark (SPB) and the interactive workload of the Social Network Benchmark (SNB). In case of LDBC, the release is staged: now the benchmark software just runs read-only queries. This will be …

Social Network Benchmark Goals


Social Network interaction is amongst the most natural and widely spread activities in the internet society, and it has turned out to be a very useful way for people to socialise at different levels (friendship, professional, hobby, etc.). As such, Social Networks are well understood from the point of view of the data involved and the interaction required by their actors. Thus, the concepts of friends of friends, or retweet are well established …

It is with great pleasure that we announce the new LDBC organisation site at The LDBC started as a European Community FP7 funded project with the objective to create, foster and become an industry reference for benchmarking RDF and Graph technologies. A period of more than one and a half years has led us to the creation of the first two workloads, the Semantic Publishing Benchmark and the Social Network Benchmark in its …

2nd International Workshop on Benchmarking RDF Systems


Following the 1st International workshop on Benchmarking RDF Systems (BeRSys 2013) the aim of the BeRSys 2014 workshop is to provide a discussion forum where researchers and industrials can meet to discuss topics related to the performance of RDF systems. BeRSys 2014 is the only workshop dedicated to benchmarking different aspects of RDF engines - in the line of TPCTC series of workshops.The focus of the workshop is to expose and initiate …

DATAGEN: Data Generation for the Social Network Benchmark


As explained in a previous post, the LDBC Social Network Benchmark (LDBC-SNB) has the objective to provide a realistic yet challenging workload, consisting of a social network and a set of queries. Both have to be realistic, easy to understand and easy to generate. This post has the objective to discuss the main features of DATAGEN, the social network data generator provided by LDBC-SNB, which is an evolution of S3G2 [1].

One of the most …