Welcome to the New Industry Oriented LDBC Organisation for Benchmarking RDF and Graph Technologies

by LDBC / on 14 Oct 2014

It is with great pleasure that we announce the new LDBC organisation site at www.ldbcouncil.org. The LDBC started as a European Community FP7 funded project with the objective to create, foster and become an industry reference for benchmarking RDF and Graph technologies. A period of more than one and a half years has led us to the creation of the first two workloads, the Semantic Publishing Benchmark and the Social Network Benchmark in its interactive workload, which you will find in the benchmarks menu on this site.

Those benchmarks will allow all the actors in the RDF and Graph industry to know who is who and how the different technology players are reacting to the results of their competing industry companies. Thus, the users will have results to compare the technologies and vendors will have a clear idea of how their products evolve compared to other vendors, all with the objective to foster the technological growth of the RDF and Graph arena.

While the main objective of LDBC is to create benchmarks, we know that we need a strong community to grow and evolve those benchmarks taking into consideration all the market and technology needs. With this objective, we have created a special section to engage all the interested community through a blog, forums to discuss interesting issues and a lot of information on benchmarking, including links to other benchmarks, pointers to interesting conferences and venues and all the publications on benchmarking RDF and Graph technologies.

We want to make sure that we all know what benchmarking and the LDBC effort means, both historically, and from the global needs perspective. To make sure that this is accomplished, we set up a section open to the public with in depth explanations of the history of industry benchmarking, LDBC and why our society needs such efforts globally.

Finally, we want to invite you to our Fifth Technical Users Community (TUC) meeting to be held in Athens next Monday Oct. 6th 2014. This event will have as its main objective to allow for presentations on experiences with the two already released benchmarks, SNB and SPB. You’ll find updated information here.

In all, we expect that the LDBC organisation site engages all of you and that the growth of RDF and Graph technologies in the future is secured by the benchmarks fostered by us.