SNB and Graphs Related Presentations at GRADES '15

by Damaris Coll / on 29 May 2015

Next 31st of May the GRADES workshop will take place in Melbourne within the ACM/SIGMOD presentation. GRADES started as an initiative of the Linked Data Benchmark Council in the SIGMOD/PODS 2013 held in New York.

Among the papers published in this edition we have “Graphalytics: A Big Data Benchmark for Graph-Processing Platforms”, which presents a new benchmark that uses the Social Network Benchmark data generator of LDBC (that can be found in as the base to execute the algorithms used for the benchmark, among which we have BFS, community detection and connected components. We also have “Microblogging Queries on Graph Databases: an Introspection” which benchmarks two of the most significant Graph Databases in the market, i.e. Neo4j and Sparksee using microblogging queries on top of twitter data. We can finally mention “FrappĂ©: Querying the Linux Kernel Dependency Graph” which presents a framework for querying and visualising the dependencies of large C/C++ software systems.

Check the complete agenda.

Meet you in Melbourne!