Announcing the Official Release of LDBC Financial Benchmark v0.1.0

by Shipeng Qi / on 27 Jun 2023

We are delighted to announce the official release of the initial version (v0.1.0) of Financial Benchmark (FinBench).

The Financial Benchmark (FinBench) project defines a graph database benchmark targeting financial scenarios such as anti-fraud and risk control. It is maintained by the LDBC FinBench Task Force. The benchmark has one workload currently, Transaction Workload, capturing OLTP scenario with complex read queries that access the neighbourhood of a given node in the graph and write queries that continuously insert or delete data in the graph.

Compared to LDBC SNB, the FinBench differs in application scenarios, data patterns, and workloads, resulting in different schema characteristics, latency bounds, path filters, etc. For a brief overview, see the slides in the 16th TUC. The Financial Benchmark’s specification can be found on arXiv.

The release of FinBench initial version (v0.1.0) was approved by LDBC on June 23, 2022. It is the good beginning of FinBench. In the future, the FinBench Task Force will polish the benchmark continuously.

If you are interested in joining FinBench Task Force, please reach out at info at or qishipeng.qsp at