LDBC Financial Benchmark (LDBC FinBench)

The Financial Benchmark (FinBench) project defines a graph database benchmark targeting financial scenarios such as
anti-fraud and risk control. It is maintained by the LDBC FinBench Task Force.

The benchmark has one workload, Transaction Workload, capturing OLTP scenario with complex read queries that access the neighbourhood of a given node in the graph and write queries that continuously insert or delete data in the graph. Its data sets are available in the Google Drive.

For a brief overview, see the slides presented in the 16th TUC meeting. The Financial Benchmark’s specification can be found on arXiv.

FinBench Audit

Audit results

There are no audited results yet.

Commissioning audits

For auditing requests, please reach out at info@ldbcouncil.org. Audits can only be commissioned by LDBC member companies by contracting any of the LDBC-certified auditors. Note that there is a 2,000 GBP auditing fee to be paid for the LDBC for non-sponsor company members. Sponsor companies are exempt from this.

Use of audited results

Fair use policies

The LDBC Social Network Benchmark is subject to the LDBC Fair Use Policies.