instance matching

The number of datasets published in the Web of Data as part of the
Linked Data Cloud is constantly increasing. The Linked Data paradigm is
based on the unconstrained publication of information by different
publishers, and the interlinking of web resources through “same-as”
links which specify that two URIs correspond to the same real world
object. In the vast number of data sources participating in the Linked
Data Cloud, this information is not …

Semantic Publishing Instance Matching Benchmark


The Semantic Publishing Instance Matching Benchmark (SPIMBench) is a novel benchmark for the assessment of instance matching techniques for RDF data with an associated schema. SPIMBench extends the state-of-the art instance matching benchmarks for RDF data in three main aspects: it allows for systematic scalability testing, supports a wider range of test cases including semantics-aware ones, and provides an enriched gold standard.

The SPIMBench …