LDBC SNB – Early 2023 updates

by Gábor Szárnyas / on 15 Feb 2023

2023 has been an eventful year for us so far. Here is a summary of our recent activities.

  1. Our paper The LDBC Social Network Benchmark: Business Intelligence Workload was published in PVLDB.

  2. David Püroja just completed his MSc thesis on creating a design towards SNB Interactive v2 at CWI’s Database Architectures group. David and I gave a deep-dive talk at the FOSDEM conference’s graph developer room titled The LDBC Social Network Benchmark (YouTube mirror).

  3. I gave a lightning talk at FOSDEM’s HPC developer room titled The LDBC Benchmark Suite (YouTube mirror).

  4. Our auditors have successfully benchmark a number of systems:

    • SPB with the Ontotext GraphDB systems for the SF3 and SF5 data sets (auditor: Pjotr Scholtze)
    • SNB Interactive with the Ontotext GraphDB system for the SF30 data set (auditor: David Püroja)
    • SNB Interactive with the TuGraph system running in the Aliyun cloud for the SF30, SF100, and SF300 data sets (auditor: Márton Búr)

The results and the full disclosure reports are available under the SPB and SNB benchmark pages.