LDBC Social Network Benchmark (LDBC SNB)

The Social Network Benchmark (SNB) suite defines graph workloads targeting database management systems and is maintained by the LDBC SNB Task Force.

The benchmark suite consists of two distinct workloads on a common dataset:

  • The Business Intelligence workload is focusing on aggregation- and join-heavy complex queries touching a large portion of the graph with microbatches of insert/delete operations. Its data sets are available in Cloudflare R2 and in the SURF/CWI repository.
  • The Interactive workload captures transactional graph processing scenario with complex read queries that access the neighbourhood of a given node in the graph and update operations that continuously insert new data in the graph. Its data sets are available in the CWI/SURF data repository.

For a brief overview, see our talk given at FOSDEM 2023’s graph developer room. The Social Network Benchmark’s specification can be found on arXiv.

Audited results

– SNB Business Intelligence workload

– SNB Interactive workload

Commissioning audits

For auditing requests, please reach out at info@ldbcouncil.org. Audits can only be commissioned by LDBC member companies by contracting any of the LDBC-certified auditors. Note that there is a 2,000 GBP auditing fee to be paid for the LDBC for non-sponsor company members. Sponsor companies are exempt from this.

For a short summary of LDBC’s auditing process, including preparation steps, timelines, and pricing, see the Auditing process for the LDBC Social Network Benchmark document.

Use of audited results

Fair use policies

The LDBC Social Network Benchmark is subject to the LDBC Fair Use Policies.