LDBC Is Proud to Announce the New LDBC Graphalytics Benchmark Draft Specification

by Peter Boncz / on 06 Sep 2016
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LDBC is proud to announce the new LDBC Graphalytics Benchmark draft specification.

LDBC Graphalytics is the first industry-grade graph data management benchmark for graph analysis platforms such as Giraph. It consists of six core algorithms, standard datasets, synthetic dataset generators, and reference outputs, enabling the objective comparison of graph analysis platforms. It has strong industry support from Oracle, Intel, Huawei and IBM, and was tested and optimized on the best industrial and open-source systems.

Tim Hegeman of TU Delft is today presenting the technical paper describing LDBC Graphalytics at the important VLDB (Very Large DataBases) conference in New Delhi, where his talk also marks the release by LDBC of Graphalytics as a benchmark draft. Practitioners are invited to read the PVLDB paper, download the software and try running it.

LDBC is eager to use any feedback for its future adoption of LDBC Graphalytics.

Learn more: [/ldbc-graphalytics](LDBC Graphalytics)

GitHub: https://github.com/tudelft-atlarge/graphalytics