Sixth TUC Meeting

by / on 23 Apr 2015
Location: Barcelona, March
Event dates: 19 Mar 2015 13:53 -- 20 Mar 2015 13:53 (local timezone)

The LDBC consortium are pleased to announce its Sixth Technical User
Community (TUC) meeting.

This will be a two-day event at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya,
Barcelona on Thursday and Friday March 19/20, 2015.

The LDBC FP7 EC funded project is reaching its finalisation, and this
will be the last event sponsored directly by the project. However, tasks
within LDBC will continue based on the LDBC independent organisation.
The event will basically set the following

  • Two day event with one day devoted to User's experiences and one
    day devoted to benchmarking
  • Presentation of the first benchmarking results for the different
  • Interaction with the new LDBC Board of Directors and the whole new
    LDBC organisation
  • Pre-event with the 3rd Graph-TA workshop organised on March 18th at
    the same premises, with a lot of interaction and interesting

We welcome all users of RDF and Graph technologies to attend. If you
are interested, please, contact

[In this page, you'll find information about the following


Thursday 19th March

11:00 - 11:30 Registration, coffee break and welcome (Josep Larriba Pey)

11:30 - 12:00 LDBC introduction and status update (Peter Boncz)

12:00 - 13:30 Technology and benchmarking (chair Peter Boncz)

12:00 Venelin Kotsev (Ontotext). Semantic Publishing Benchmark v2.0.

12:30 Nina Saveta (FORTH). SPIMBENCH: A Scalable, Schema-Aware, Instance
Matching Benchmark for the Semantic Publishing Domain

12:50 Tomer Sagi (HP). Titan DB on LDBC SNB Interactive

13:10 Claudio Martella (VUA): Giraph and Lighthouse

13:30 - 14:30 Lunch break

14:30 - 16:00 Applications and use of Graph Technologies (chair Hassan

14:30 Jerven Bolleman (Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics): 20 billion
triples in production slides

14:50 Mark Wilkinson (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid): Design
principles for Linked-Data-native Semantic Web
Services slides

15:10 Peter Haase (Metaphacts, Systap LLC): Querying the Wikidata
Knowledge Graph slides

15:30 Esteban Sota (GNOSS): Human Interaction with Faceted Searching
Systems for big or complex graphs

18:30 - 20:00 Cultural visit Barcelona city center. Meet at Plaça

20:00 Social dinner at Bastaix

Friday 20th March

9:30 - 11:00 Technology and Benchmarking (chair Josep L. Larriba-Pey)

9:30 Yinglong Xia (IBM): Towards Temporal Graph Management and Analytics

9:50 Alexandru Iosup (TU Delft). Graphalytics: A big data benchmark for
graph-processing platforms

10:10 John Snelson (MarkLogic): Introduction to MarkLogic

10:30 Arnau Prat (UPC-Sparsity Technologies) and Alex Averbuch (Neo):
Social Network Benchmark, Interactive Workload

10:50 Moritz Kaufmann. The auditing experience

[11:15 - 11:45 Coffee

11:45 - 12:45 Applications and use of Graph Technologies (chair Atanas

11:45 Boris Motik (Oxford University): Parallel and Incremental
Materialisation of RDF/Datalog in RDFox

12:05 Andreas Both (Unister): E-Commerce and Graph-driven Applications:
Experiences and Optimizations while moving to Linked
Data[ ]

12:25 Smrati Gupta (CA Technologies). Modaclouds Decision Support System
in multicloud environments

12:45 Peter Boncz. Conclusions for the LDBC project and future
perspectives. slides

13:30 - 14:30 Lunch break

15:00 LDBC Board of Directors



19th and 20th March 2015


The TUC meeting will be held at “Aula Master” at A3 building located
inside the “Campus Nord UPC” in Barcelona. The address is:

Aula Master
Edifici A3, Campus Nord UPC
C. Jordi Girona, 1-3
08034 Barcelona, Spain

Maps and situation

To reach the campus, there are several options, including
Taxi, Metro and Bus.

Finding UPC


Finding the meeting room
Getting there

Flying: Barcelona airport is situated 12 km from the city. There are
several ways of getting from the airport to the centre of Barcelona, the
cheapest of which is to take the train located outside just a few
minutes walking distance past the parking lots at terminal 2 (there is a
free bus between terminal 1 and terminal 2, see this map of the
). It is possible to
buy 10 packs of train tickets which makes it cheaper. Taking the bus to
the centre of town is more convenient as they leave directly from
terminal 1 and 2, however it is more expensive than the train.

Rail: The Renfe commuter train leaves the airport every 30 minutes
from 6.13 a.m. to 11.40 p.m. Tickets cost around 3€ and the journey to
the centre of Barcelona (Sants or Plaça Catalunya stations) takes 20

Bus: The Aerobus leaves the airport every 12 minutes, from 6.00 a.m.
to 24.00, Monday to Friday, and from 6.30 a.m. to 24.00 on Saturdays,
Sundays and public holidays. Tickets cost 6€ and the journey ends in
Plaça Catalunya in the centre of Barcelona.

Taxi: From the airport, you can take one of Barcelona's typical
black and yellow taxis. Taxis may not take more than four passengers.
Unoccupied taxis display a green light and have a clearly visible sign
showing LIBRE or LLIURE. The trip to Sants train station costs
approximately €20 and trips to other destinations in the city cost
approximately €25-30.

Train and bus: Barcelona has two international train stations: Sants
and França. Bus companies have different points of arrival in different
parts of the city. You can find detailed information in the following

The locations of the airport and the city centre


The following hotels are recommended. The two first are located near the
UPC campus and they take 10-15 min by foot to reach the TUC meeting
location. The two last are located at the city center. They require
about 30 min (taking metro L3 at plaça Catalunya) to reach the TUC
meeting location. You can see the hotel locations in this google

Hotel Husa Pedralbes

Fontcoberta, 4
8034 Barcelona
932 037 112

Hotel Bonanova Park

Capita Arenas, 51
08034 Barcelona
932 04 09 00

Hotel Inglaterra Barcelona

Carrer de Pelai, 14
08001 Barcelona
935 05 11 00

Hotel Jazz

Carrer de Pelai, 3
08001 Barcelona
935 52 96 96

In addition to the hotels above, there is the possibility to stay at the
"Torre Girona" residence. It is the closest and cheapest option
available. You can find detailed information
. Basically,
it costs 53 euros for a single room and 60 to 88 euros for a double room
depending if it is occupied by one or two people. If anyone is
interested in this option, you should send an email
to asking for a reservation.

Torre Girona Residence Hall
Passeig dels Til·lers, 19
08034 Barcelona
Telephone: 0034 93 390 43 00
Fax: 0034 93 205 69 10

Travel costs

There is a small budget available that can be used to assist some
attendees that are otherwise unable to fund their trip. Please contact
us using the following email address if you would like more
information: ldbcgrants AT ac DOT upc DOT edu



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