Seventh TUC Meeting

by Ioan Toma / on 26 Dec 2015
Location: IBM's TJ Watson, US
Event dates: 09 Nov 2015 14:17 -- 10 Nov 2015 14:17 (local timezone)

The LDBC consortium is pleased to announce its Seventh Technical User Community (TUC) meeting.

This will be a two-day event at IBM’s TJ Watson facility on Monday and Tuesday November 9/10, 2015.

This will be the first TUC meeting after the finalisation of the LDBC FP7 EC funded project. The event will basically set the following aspects:

  • Two day event with one day devoted to User’s experiences and one day devoted to benchmarking experiences.
  • Presentation of the benchmarking results for the different benchmarks.
  • Interaction with the new LDBC Board of Directors and the LDBC organisation officials.

We welcome all users of RDF and Graph technologies to attend. If you are interested, please, contact Damaris Coll (UPC) at; in order to notify IBM security in advance, registration requests need to be in by Nov 1.

In the agenda, there will be talks given by LDBC members and LDBC activities, but there will also be room for a number of short 20-minute talks by other participants. We are specifically interested in learning about new challenges in graph data management (where benchmarking would become useful) and on hearing about actual user stories and scenarios that could inspire benchmarks. Further, talks that provide feedback on existing benchmark (proposals) are very relevant. But nothing is excluded a priori if it is graph data management related. Talk proposals can be forwarded to Damaris as well and will be handled by Peter Boncz and Larri.

Further, we call on you if you or your colleagues would happen to have contacts with companies that deal with graph data management scenarios to also attend and possibly present. LDBC is always looking to expand its circle of participants in TUCs meeting, its graph technology users contacts but also eventually its membership base.

In this page, you’ll find information about the following items:


Monday, 9th of November 2015

8:45 - 9:15 Registration and welcome (Yinglong Xia and Josep L. Larriba Pey)

9:15 - 9:30 LDBC introduction and status update (Josep L. Larriba-Pey)

9:30 - 10:30 Details on the progress of LDBC Task Forces 1 (chair Josep L. Larriba-Pey)

9:30 Arnau Prat (DAMA-UPC). Social Network Benchmark, Interactive workload

10:00 Orri Erling (OpenLink Software). Social Network Benchmark, Business Intelligence workload

10:30-11:00 Coffee break

11:00 - 12:30 Details on the progress of LDBC Task Forces 2 (chair Yinglong Xia)

11:00 Alexandru Iosup (TU Delft). Social Network Benchmark, Analytics workload.

11:30 Claudio Gutierrez (U Chile). Query Language Task Force status.

12:00 Atanas Kiryakov (Ontotext). Semantic Publishing Benchmark status

12:30 - 14:00 Lunch break

14:00 - 16:00 Technologies and benchmarking (chair Hassan Chafi)

14:00 Molham Aref (LogicBlox). Graph Data Management with LogicBlox

14:30 Peter Kogge (Notre Dame). BFS as in Graph500 on today’s architectures

15:00 Ching-Yung Lin (IBM). Status and Demo of IBM System G

15:30-16:00 Coffee break

16:00 - 17:00 Technologies (chair Irini Fundulaki)

16:00 Kavitha Srinivas (IBM). SQLGraph: An efficient relational based property graph store

16:30 David Ediger (GeorgiaTech). STINGER

17:00 Gary King (Franz Inc.). AllegroGraph’s SPARQL implementation with Social Network Analytics abilities using Magic Properties

17:30 Manoj Kumar (IBM). Linear Algebra Formulation for Large Graph Analytics

18:00 Reihaneh Amini (Wright State University) Linked Data in the GeoLink Usecase

19:00 Social dinner

Tuesday 10th November 2015

9:00 - 10:30 Technology, Applications and Benchmarking (chair Alexandru Iosup)

9:00 Philip Rathle (Neo). On openCypher

9:20 Morteza Shahriari (University of Florida). Multi-modal Probabilistic Knowledge Base for Remote Sensing Species Identification

9:50 Peter Kogge (Notre Dame). Challenging problems with Lexis Nexis Risk Solutions

10:10 Arnau Prat (DAMA-UPC). DATAGEN, status and perspectives for synthetic data generation

10:30 - 11:00 Coffee break

11:00 - 12:45 Applications and use of Graph Technologies (chair Atanas Kiryakov)

11:00 Hassan Chafi (Oracle). Status and characteristics of PGQL

11:20 David Guedalia (TAGIIO). Multi-tier distributed mobile applications and how they split their workload,

11:40 Guojing Cong (IBM). Algorithmic technique and architectural support for fast graph analysis

12:00 Josep Lluis Larriba-Pey. Conclusions for the TUC meeting and future perspectives

12:30 - 14:00 Lunch break

14:00 LDBC Board of Directors



9th and 10th November 2015


The TUC meeting will be held in the IBM Thomas J Watson Research Center.
The address is:

IBM Thomas J Watson Research Center
1101 Kitchawan Rd,
Yorktown Heights, NY 10598, USA

If you are using a GPS system, please enter “200 Aqueduct Road, Ossining NY, 10562” for accurate directions to the lab entrance. You may also want to check the routing online.

The meeting will take place in the Auditorium on November 9th, and in Meeting Room 20-043 on November 10th.

Maps and situation

You are highly suggested to rent a car for your convenience, since the public transportation system does not cover this area very well. Besides, there is no hotel within walkable distance to the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center. Feel free to find carpool with other attendees. You may find car rental and hotels through, or Feel free to email for any questions.

Getting there

Upper and Eastern New England

Route I-84 west to Route I-684, south to Exit 6, west on Route 35 to Route 100, south to Route 134, west 2.5 miles. IBM is on the left.

New Haven and Connecticut Shores

Merritt Parkway or New England Thruway (Route I-95) west to Route I-287, west to Exit 3, north on Sprain Brook Parkway, which merges into Taconic State Parkway, north to Ossining/Route 134 exit. Turn right and proceed east on Route 134 several hundred yards. IBM is on the right.

New Jersey

Take New York State Thruway (Route I-87) east across the Tappan Zee Bridge and follow signs to the Saw Mill Parkway north. Proceed north on Saw Mill River Parkway to Taconic State Parkway exit, north to Ossining/Route 134 exit. Turn right and proceed east on Route 134 several hundred yards. IBM is on the right.

Upstate New York

Route I-84 east across Newburgh-Beacon Bridge to Exit 16-S. Taconic State Parkway south to Route 134 East exit. Turn right and proceed east on Route 134 several hundred yards. IBM is on the right.

New York City (Manhattan)

Henry Hudson Parkway north, which becomes Saw Mill River Parkway, north to Taconic State Parkway exit. North on Taconic State Parkway to Ossining/Route 134 exit. Turn right and proceed east on Route 134 several hundred yards. IBM is on the right.

John F. Kennedy International Airport

North on Van Wyck Expressway to the Whitestone Expressway and continue north across the Bronx-Whitestone Bridge to the Hutchinson River Parkway north to the Cross County Parkway exit and proceed west to the Bronx River Parkway. North on the Bronx River Parkway to the Sprain Brook Parkway, which merges into the Taconic State Parkway. Continue north to Ossining/Route 134 exit. Turn right and proceed east on Route 134 several hundred yards. IBM is on the right.

LaGuardia Airport

East on the Grand Central Parkway, north on the Whitestone Expressway, and continue north across the Bronx-Whitestone Bridge. Continue with instructions from John F. Kennedy International Airport, above.

Newark International Airport

North on the New Jersey Turnpike (Route I-95). Stay in local lanes and take Exit 72 for Palisades Interstate Parkway. North on the Palisades Interstate Parkway to the New York State Thruway, Route I-87, and east across the Tappan Zee Bridge. Continue with instructions from New Jersey, above.

Stewart International Airport

Route 207 east to Route I-84, east across Newburgh-Beacon Bridge to Taconic State Parkway, south. Continue with instructions from Upstate New York, above.

Westchester County Airport

Right on Route 120, north. Turn left where Route 120 merges with Route 133. Continue on Route 120. Cross Route 100 and continue straight on Shingle House Road to Pines Bridge Road. Turn right and proceed several hundred yards. IBM is on the left.

Public Transportation

Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) train stations nearest to the Yorktown Heights location are the Croton-Harmon and White Plains stations. Taxi service is available at both locations.