Fourth TUC meeting

by Peter Boncz / on 03 Apr 2014
Location: Amsterdam, netherlands
Event date: 03 Apr 2014 12:32 (local timezone)

The LDBC consortium are pleased to announce the fourth Technical User Community (TUC) meeting.

This will be a one-day event at CWI in Amsterdam on Thursday April 3, 2014.

The event will include:

  • Introduction to the objectives and progress of the LDBC project.
  • Description of the progress of the benchmarks being evolved through Task Forces.
  • Users explaining their use-cases and describing the limitations they have found in current technology.
  • Industry discussions on the contents of the benchmarks.

All users of RDF and graph databases are welcome to attend. If you are interested, please contact: ldbc AT ac DOT upc DOT edu

For presenters please limit your talks to just 15 minutes


April 3rd

  • 10:00 Peter Boncz (VUA) – pptx, video: LDBC project status update

  • 10:20 Norbert Martinez (UPC) – pdf, video: Status update on the LDBC Social Network Benchmark (SNB) task force.

  • 10:50 Alexandru Iosup (TU Delft) – ppt, video: Towards Benchmarking Graph-Processing Platforms

  • 11:10 Mike Bryant (Kings College) – pptx, video: EHRI Project: Archival Integration with Neo4j

11:30 coffee

  • 11:50 Thilo Muth (University of Magdeburg) – pptx, video: MetaProteomeAnalyzer: a graph database backed software for functional and taxonomic protein data analysis

  • 12:10 Davy Suvee (Janssen Pharmaceutica / Johnson & Johnson) – video: Euretos Brain - Experiences on using a graph database to analyse data stored as a scientific knowledge graph

  • 12:30 Yongming Luo (TU Eindhoven) – pdf, video: Regularities and dynamics in bisimulation reductions of big graphs

  • 12:50 Christopher Davis (TU Delft) – pdf, video: Enipedia - Enipedia is an active exploration into the applications of wikis and the semantic web for energy and industry issues

13:10 - 14:30 lunch @ restaurant Polder

  • 14:30 SPB task force report

  • 15:00 Bastiaan Bijl (Sysunite) – pdf, video: Using a semantic approach for monitoring applications in large engineering projects

  • 15:20 Frans Knibbe (Geodan) – pptx, video: Benchmarks for geographical data

  • 15:40 Armando Stellato (University of Rome, Tor Vergata & UN Food and Agriculture Organization) – pptx, video: VocBench2.0, a Collaborative Environment for SKOS/SKOS-XL Management: scalability and (inter)operatibility challenges

16:00 coffee

  • 16:20 Ralph Hodgson (TopQuadrant) – [pdf](https://pu b-3834 s/5538064/5506367.pdf), video:Customer experiences in implementing SKOS-based vocabularymanagement systems

  • 16:40 Simon Jupp (European Bioinformatics Institute) – pdf, video: [Delivering RDF for the life science at the European Bioinformatics Institute: Six months in.]

  • 17:00 Jerven Bolleman (Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics) – pdf, video: Breakmarking UniProt RDF. SPARQL queries that make your database cry…

  • 17:20 Rein van ’t Veer (Digital Heritage Netherlands) – pptx, video Time and space for heritage

  • 17:40 end of meeting

  • 19:00 - 21:30 Social Dinner in restaurant Boom

April 4th

LDBC plenary meeting for project partners.


The meeting will be held at the Dutch national research institute for computer science and mathematics (CWI - Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica). It is located at Amsterdam Science Park:

(A5 map)


Arriving & departing:

Amsterdam has a well-functioning and nearby airport called Schiphol (AMS, that serves all main European carriers and also very many low-fare carriers.

Trains (~5 per hour) are the most convenient means of transport between Schiphol airport and Amsterdam city center, the Centraal Station (17 minutes, a train every 15 minutes) – which station you are also likely arriving at in case of an international train trip.

From the Centraal Station in Amsterdam, there is a direct train (every half an hour, runs 11 minutes) to the Science Park station, which is walking distance of CWI. If you go from the Centraal Station to one of the hotels, you should take tram 9 – it starts at Centraal Station (exception: for Hotel Casa 400, you should take the metro to Amstel station - any of the metros will do).

Taxi is an alternative, though expensive. The price from Schiphol will be around 45 EUR to the CWI or another point in the city center (depending on traffic, the ride is 20-30 minutes).

Public transportation (tram, bus, metro) tickets for a single ride and 1-day (24 hour) passes can be purchased from the driver/conductor on trams and buses (cash only) and from vending machines in the metro stations.

Only the “disposable” cards are interesting for you as visitor.

Multi-day (up to 7-days/168 hours) passes can only be purchased from the vending machines or from the ticket office opposite of Centraal Station.

Getting Around: the fastest way to move in the city of Amsterdam generally is by bicycle. Consider renting such a device at your hotel. For getting from your hotel to the CWI, you can either take a taxi (expensive), have a long walk (35min), use public transportation (for NH Tropen/The Manor take bus 40 from Muiderpoort Station, for Hotel Casa 400 same bus 40 but from Amstel station, and for the Rembrandt Hotel it is tram 9 until Middenweg/Kruislaan and then bus 40), or indeed bike for 12 minutes.


In case you plan to arrive by car, please be aware that parking space in Amsterdam is scarce and hence very expensive. But, you can park your car on the “WCW” terrain where CWI is located. To enter the terrain by car, you have to get a ticket from the machine at the gate. To leave the terrain, again, you can get an exit ticket from the CWI reception.

Arriving at CWI: Once you arrive at CWI, you need to meet the reception, and tell them that you are attending the LDBC TUC meeting. Then, you’ll receive a visitor’s pass that allows you to enter our building.

Social Dinner

The social dinner will take place at 7pm on April 3 in Restaurant Boom (, Linneausstraat 63, Amsterdam.