Fourteenth TUC Meeting

by Gábor Szárnyas / on 17 Jun 2021
Location: Copenhagen, Tivoli Hotel, room Akvariet 2
Event dates: 16 Aug 2021 16:00 -- 16 Aug 2021 20:00 (local timezone)

LDBC was hosting a one-day hybrid workshop, co-located with VLDB 2021 on August 16 (Monday) between 16:00–20:00 CEST.

The physical part of the workshop was held in room Akvariet 2 of the Tivoli Hotel (Copenhagen), while the virtual part was hosted on Zoom. Our programme consisted of talks that provide an overview of LDBC’s recent efforts. Moreover, we have invited industry practitioners and academic researchers to present their latest results.

Talks were scheduled to be 10 minutes with a short Q&A session. We had three sessions. Their schedules are shown below.

[16:00–17:25 CEST] LDBC updates, benchmarks, query languages

start speaker title
16:00 Peter Boncz (CWI) State of the union – slides
16:05 Gábor Szárnyas (CWI) Overview of LDBC benchmarks – slides
16:12 Mingxi Wu (TigerGraph) LDBC Social Network Benchmark results with TigerGraph – slides
16:24 Xiaowei Zhu (Ant Group) Financial Benchmark proposal – slides
16:36 Petra Selmer (Neo4j) Status report from the Existing Languages Working Group (ELWG) – slides, video
16:48 Jan Hidders (Birkbeck) Status report from the Property Graph Schema Working Group (PGSWG) – slides, video
17:00 Keith Hare (JCC Consulting) Database Language Standards Structure and Process, SQL/PGQ – slides, video
17:12 Stefan Plantikow (GQL Editor) Report on the GQL standard – slides, video

coffee break (10 minutes)

[17:35–18:45 CEST] Systems and data structures

start speaker title
17:35 Vasileios Trigonakis (Oracle Labs) PGX.D aDFS: An Almost Depth-First-Search Distributed Graph-Querying System – slides, video
17:47 Matthias Hauck (SAP) JSON, Spatial, Graph – Multi-model Workloads with SAP HANA Cloud – slides, video
17:59 Nikolay Yakovets (Eindhoven University of Technology) AvantGraph – slides, video
18:11 Semih Salihoglu (University of Waterloo) GRainDB: Making RDBMSs Efficient on Graph Workloads Through Predefined Joins – slides, video
18:23 Semyon Grigorev (Saint Petersburg University) Context-free path querying: Obstacles on the way to adoption – slides, video
18:35 Per Fuchs (Technical University of Munich) Sortledton: A universal, transactional graph data structure – slides, video

coffee break (10 minutes)

[18:55-20:00 CEST] High-level approaches and benchmarks

start speaker title
18:55 Angelos-Christos Anadiotis (Ecole Polytechnique and Institut Polytechnique de Paris) Empowering Investigative Journalism with Graph-based Heterogeneous Data Management – slides, video
19:07 Vasia Kalavri (Boston University) Learning to partition unbounded graph streams – slides, video
19:19 Muhammad Attahir Jibril (TU Ilmenau) Towards a Hybrid OLTP-OLAP Graph Benchmark – slides, video
19:31 Riccardo Tommasini (University of Tartu) An outlook on Benchmarks for Graph Stream Processing – slides, video
19:43 Mohamed Ragab (University of Tartu) Benchranking: Towards prescriptive analysis of big graph processing: the case of SparkSQL – slides, video