Eleventh TUC Meeting

by Peter Boncz / on 11 Jun 2018
Event date: 08 Jun 2019 08:30 (local timezone)

LDBC Technical User Community meetings serve to (1) learn about progress in the LDBC task forces on graph benchmark development, (2) to give feedback on these, and (3) hear about user experiences with graph data management technologies or (4) learn about new graph technologies from researchers or industry – LDBC counts Oracle, IBM, Intel, Neo4j and Huawei among its members.

This TUC meeting will be a one-day event preceding the SIGMOD/PODS 2018 conference in Houston, Texas (not too far away, the whole next week). Note also that at SIGMOD/PODS in Houston on Sunday 10, there is a research workshop on graph data management technology called GRADES-NDA 2018 as well, so you might combine travel.

We welcome all users of RDF and Graph technologies to attend. If you are interested to attend the event, please, contact Damaris Coll (UPC) at damaris@ac.upc.edu to register;

=> registration is free, but required <=

In the agenda, there will be talks given by LDBC members and LDBC activities, but there will also be room for a number of short 20-minute talks by other participants. We are specifically interested in learning about new challenges in graph data management (where benchmarking would become useful) and on hearing about actual user stories and scenarios that could inspire benchmarks. Further, talks that provide feedback on existing benchmark (proposals) are very relevant. But nothing is excluded a priori if it is related to graph data management. Talk proposals are handled by Peter Boncz (boncz@cwi.nl) and Larri (larri@ac.upc.edu). Local organizer is Juan Sequeda (juanfederico@gmail.com).

Further, we call on you if you or your colleagues would happen to have contacts with companies that deal with graph data management scenarios to also attend and possibly present. LDBC is always looking to expand its circle of participants in TUCs meeting, its graph technology users contacts but also eventually its membership base.


In the TUC meeting there will be:

  • updates on progress with LDBC benchmarks, specifically the Social Network Benchmark (SNB) and its interactive, business analytics and graphalytics workloads.
  • talks by data management practitioners highlighting graph data management challenges and products

The meeting will start on Friday morning, with a program from 10:30-17:00:


The TUC will be held at the University of Texas at Austin, Department of Computer Science in the Gates Dell Complex (GDC): 2317 Speedway, Austin TX, 78712 Room: GDC 6.302

The GDC building has a North and a South building. GDC 6.302 is in the North building. When you enter the main entrance, the North building is on the left and it is served by a pair of elevators. You can take or the elevator to the 6th floor. Exit the elevator on the 6th floor. Turn left, right, left.


The following are hotels walking distance from the UT Austin.




Downtown Austin has many hotels (mainly high end hotels at $200+ a night) and it will be a ~30 min walk to GDC. A rideshare (Uber/Lyft) would cost approximately $10 USD.

From Austin to SIGMOD/PODS (Houston) on Saturday June 9

Many of the attendees will be going to SIGMOD/PODS which will be held in Houston.


One option is to take a MegaBus that departs from downtown Austin and arrives at downtown Houston.

There is a bus that departs at 12:00PM and arrives at 3:00pm. Cost is $20 (as of April 23).

If you want to spend the day in Austin, there is a bus that departs at 9:55PM and arrives at 12:50am. Cost is $5 (as of April 23).

Share your Car Rental

If you have rented a car to drive from Houston to Austin and you are planning to drive back to Houston, please add your name to this list and state how many open spaces you have

  • ...


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