When talking about DATAGEN and other graph generators with social
network characteristics, our attention is typically borrowed by the
friendship subgraph and/or its structure. However, a social graph is
more than a bunch of people being connected by friendship relations, but
has a lot more of other things is worth to look at. With a quick view to
commercial social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Google+, one can
easily identify a lot of other …

The SNB Driver part 1 post
introduced, broadly, the challenges faced when developing a workload
driver for the LDBC SNB benchmark. In this blog we’ll drill down deeper
into the details of what it means to execute “dependent queries” during
benchmark execution, and how this is handled in the driver. First of
all, as many driver-specific terms will be used, below is a listing of
their definitions. There is no need to read them in …

Up until now we have introduced the
challenges faced when executing the LDBC SNB benchmark, as well as
how some of these are overcome. With the foundations laid, we can now
explain precisely how operations are executed.

Based on the dependencies certain operations have, and on the
granularity of parallelism we wish to achieve while executing them, we
assign a Dependency Mode and an Execution Mode to every operation type.
Using these …

We are presently working on the SNB BI workload. Andrey Gubichev of TU Munchen and myself are going through the queries and are playing with two SQL based implementations, one on Virtuoso and the other on Hyper.

As discussed before, the BI workload has the same choke points as TPC-H as a base but pushes further in terms of graphiness and query complexity.

There are obvious marketing applications for a SNB-like dataset. There are also security …

SNB Driver - Part 1


In this multi-part blog we consider the challenge of running the LDBC
Social Network Interactive Benchmark (LDBC SNB) workload in
parallel, i.e. the design of the workload driver that will issue the
queries against the System Under Test (SUT). We go through design
principles that were implemented for the LDBC SNB workload
generator/load tester (simply referred to as driver). Software and
documentation for this driver is available here: …

Social Network Benchmark Goals


Social Network interaction is amongst the most natural and widely spread activities in the internet society, and it has turned out to be a very useful way for people to socialise at different levels (friendship, professional, hobby, etc.). As such, Social Networks are well understood from the point of view of the data involved and the interaction required by their actors. Thus, the concepts of friends of friends, or retweet are well established …