LDBC SNB Business Intelligence workload

The LDBC SNB Business Intelligence workload is focusing on aggregation- and join-heavy complex queries touching a large portion of the graph with microbatches of insert/delete operations. Its data sets are available in Cloudflare R2.

The workload produces scoring metrics for performance (power and throughput scores) at the given scale and price/performance metrics. The full disclosure reports (FDR) further break down the composition of the metric into its constituent parts, e.g. single query execution times.

Note that the system cost is the sum of the license, hardware, and maintenance costs, where maintenance means 24/7 support with a response time of less than 4 hours.

Audited results

Benchmark setup SF Hardware Performance metrics and cost Documents
100 1×AWS r6a.4xlarge, 128GiB RAM,
16×AMD EPYC 7R13 vCPUs
  • Power@SF: 6,253.72
  • Power@SF (price‑adjusted): 43.79
  • Throughput@SF: 3,723.44
  • Throughput@SF (price‑adjusted): 26.07
1,000 4×AWS r6a.8xlarge, 256GiB RAM,
32×AMD EPYC 7R13 vCPUs
  • Power@SF: 23,951.74
  • Power@SF (price‑adjusted): 18.39
  • Throughput@SF: 10,605.12
  • Throughput@SF (price‑adjusted): 8.14
10,000 48×AWS r6a.8xlarge, 256GiB RAM,
32×AMD EPYC 7R13 vCPUs
  • Power@SF: 89,444.50
  • Power@SF (price‑adjusted): 11.36
  • Throughput@SF: 41,025.76
  • Throughput@SF (price‑adjusted): 5.21
1000 Dell PowerEdge 6625 with AMD EPYC 9354
  • Power@SF: 30,990.08
  • Power@SF (price‑adjusted): 22.90
  • Throughput@SF: 12,993.85
  • Throughput@SF (price‑adjusted): 9.60

LDBC-certified auditors

SNB BI audits can be commissioned from the following LDBC-certified auditors:

  • Fabian Murariu (Pometry Ltd.)
  • David Püroja