Becoming a Member


The benefits of LDBC membership are:

  • Access to the internal LDBC information via its wiki and mailing lists, which includes access to discussion documents, graph user scenario’s, datasets, draft benchmark specifications and software, results and discussions.
  • Right to membership of LDBC task forces. Currently, there are task forces on the Semantic Publishing Benchmark, the Social Network Benchmark Interactive, BI and the Graphalytics workloads, as well as the Graph Query Language task force.
  • Access to research resources at academic partners. This includes the ability to look into research agenda’s provide feedback and establish working relationships with students, as well as arrange targeted internships with MSc and PhD students provided by these partners.

2021 annual membership fees

  • Individual Associate member​:​ no subscription fee
  • Individual Board member​ ​(standard rate): € 150
  • Individual Board member​ (reduced rate for students, etc.): € 10
  • Non-commercial institution​: € 1000
  • Commercial company​: € 2000
  • Sponsor company/institution: € 8000


Please fill out the form applicable to your employment status and contribution, and email it to the address.