OWL-Empowered SPARQL Query Optimization


The Linked Data paradigm has become the prominent enabler for sharing
huge volumes of data using Semantic Web technologies, and has created
novel challenges for non-relational data management systems, such as RDF
and graph engines. Efficient data access through queries is perhaps the
most important data management task, and is enabled through query
optimization techniques, which amount to the discovery of optimal or
close to optimal execution …

In previous posts
(Getting started with snb,
DATAGEN: data generation for the Social Network Benchmark), Arnau Prat discussed
the main features and characteristics of DATAGEN: realism,
scalability, determinism, usability. DATAGEN is the social network
data generator used by the three LDBC-SNB workloads, which produces data
simulating the activity in a social network site during a period of
time. In this post, we conduct a series of experiments …

The Linked Data Benchmark Council (LDBC) is reaching a milestone today, June 23 2014, in announcing that two of the benchmarks that it has been developing since 1.5 years have now reached the status of Public Draft. This concerns the Semantic Publishing Benchmark (SPB) and the interactive workload of the Social Network Benchmark (SNB). In case of LDBC, the release is staged: now the benchmark software just runs read-only queries. This will be …