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LDBC has pledged to release all benchmarking software it produces in open source:

  • we use the GNU Public License v3 (GPL, "copyleft")
  • ​the code repositories are in github.com/ldbc. You are invited to provide patches to the LDBC projects on github to its collaborators, obviously while respecting copyright and the fact that LDBC projects are published using GPL. 

Github is not only used for code, but also for issue tracking and technical documentation (via its wiki feature).

In the developer section, there is also attention for technical background information:

  • we keep a list of technical LDBC papers, or publications related to LDBC, as well as an event agenda to LDBC.
  • we try to keep track of publications with academic use of LDBC benchmarks, and qualify the information contained in them with respect to our criteria for academic use.