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8th TUC Meeting – Marcus Paradies (SAP) Social Network Benchmark, Business Intelligence Workload

  • Posted on: 27 January 2017
  • By: Adrian Diaz

Marcus Paradies, Software developer at SAP extended the talk Arnau Prat gave about the SNB, in this case about the Intelligence workload. In contrast with the 17+4 queries the Interactive workload has, the Business Intelligence (BI) workload consists on 24 queries that can be seen as OLAP-style against the OLTP-style of the Interactive one. The BI focuses on analytic queries and they touch the whole graph.

This workload has been designed to be realistic with queries such as “Tag evolution” or “Trending posts”. Paradies explained that, at the time of the talk they had spent a significant amount of time identifying choke points (for his team a choke point is an implementation challenge), he also explained that the Interactive workload has some choke points already defined, coming mainly from relational systems but some of them are also graph specific, more concretely, related to transitivity computation. For the BI they extended them to the relational world by adding TPC-H into the mix since they are more relevant for BI queries.

Regarding the Status of the BI Workload, all 24 queries are specified in plain English text while the Benchmark Driver reads generated parameter bindings and issues queries. Something to take into consideration is that the query mix has yet to be defined (as it happens in the Interactive workload) and as Paradies pointed out, that is something that they need to tackle. The validation has been done against Sparksee, Neo4j and Postgress, validating 22 out of 24 queries and identifying 8 choke points for those 24 queries.

Next steps for Marcus and the team will be finishing the identification of the chokepoints and analysing whether all the defined chokepoints are already triggered, validating the last 2 remaining queries, adding fresh data sets and polishing query specifications.

The 9th TUC Meeting will be held at at SAP's HQ in Walldorf, Germany the 9-10th of February. Start planning your assistance!

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