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8th TUC Meeting - Peter Boncz (CWI). Query Language Task Force status

  • Posted on: 19 January 2017
  • By: Adrian Diaz

Peter Boncz, Research Scientist at the Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica in the Netherlands, talked about the updates on the Graph Query Language Task Force after being alive for a year. This Task Force was created to answer an issue detected during the benchmark meetings, all the workload is created in English text because there is no common graph query language.

The task force studies query languages for graph data management systems, specifically for those storing Property Graph data. Their definition of property graph is a tuple of a finite et of nodes, a finite set of edges, labels and properties. The team lead by Marcelo Arenas from PUC (Chile) has set a list of goals for the GraphQL such goals were:

  • To devise a list of functionalities and features of a query language.
  • To evaluate a number of existing languages and identify problems and functional holes in these.
  • Better understanding of the design space and state-of-the-art.

They aim to achieve these goals within one year (already completed at the time of his talk) to later develop proposals for changes to existing query languages, or even develop a new query language. The team also discussed on the type needed in the graph query language other than string an integer

Boncz concluded saying that indeed, the task force got close to the goals set for the first year. However, he pointed out that the structuring such a multi-faceted discussion is not easy at all and that some of the decision points are linear.

The next steps for the GraphQL Task Force are generating further discussions, case studies and desired functionalities. The query language proposal is still in development and we are thrilled to see if they present something at the 9th TUC Meeting in Walldorf, Germany the 9-10th of February at SAP’s HQ.

And check the presentation:


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